by Rex Yancey

In 1936, Kenneth S. Latourette wrote a book entitled Missions Tomorrow.
In 1947, he co-authored a book entitled Tomarrow Is Here. The titles of
these two books seem to speak about man's attitude as contrasted to the
Lord's attitude concerning missions and evangelism. Men often say,
"Tomorrow." But God says, "Tomorrow is here." The time to act is now.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, "One of the illusions of life is that the
present hour is not the critical, decisive hour." He was right on two
counts. Our time is now, whatever time it is. And, we often live with the
illusion that the time is not the critical moment for decision and action.

Jesus lived under no such illusion. "I must work the works of Him who
sent me while it is day. The night cometh when no man can work." He
stressed to his disciples in our text the urgency and emergency of the
present time. He utilized every moment of his time to accomplish his life's
purpose. He never called time-out!


Every heartbeat of Jesus beat for the salvation of souls. "I must go
through Samaria."

1.His imperative attitude. He saved three days traveling time by going
that way. However, that was not his motive for going through Samaria. It
was far deeper than that.

William Carey said to the pastors of his day, "Someone must tell the
heathen about Christ." One preacher replied back to him, "Sit down young
man. If God wants to save the heathen he will do it without your help or
mine." I am glad William Carey was not put off by those words. He had an
imperative attitude.

Emily Dickson said, "If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not
live in vain. If I can ease one life from aching, or cool one pain, or help
the fainting robin into his nest again I shall not live in vain." She had
an imperative attitude.

Luke 19:10, "The Son of man has come to seek and save that which was
lost." I went to Japan on a mission trip i ...

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