by Rocco Badenhorst

Victory over the Devil from the Word of God
Rocco Badenhorst
Revelation 12:11

Theme: Spiritual Warfare /devil

1 Blood of the Lamb (we are lambs) Living as my bible says.
2 Word of our Testimony
3 Love not your life unto death - dying to self.

Blood of the LAMB, Blood of Jesus the Lamb is the only antidote against sickness of sin,

Snake bites can be deadly unless the Right serum is found.

Jesus became sin for us so that his blood became the only antidote against the serpents death bite, This is why only through his blood do we have the power over sin. The right serum.

1 Cor 15: 55 puts it this way.....O death, where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory.

The blood of Jesus makes the difference between having a religion or hving a relationship.

Nicodemus found this out when he met Jesus.

There are 3 aspects of salvation.
1. You have been saved, Jesus dying on the Cross. It is finished. Nothing can be added to it.

2. You are being saved Daily dying to self. Our part is presenting our bodies a living sacrifice daily.

3. You will be saved at the coming of Jesus. Expecting His return and being excited about it. Forgetting cares.

Alexander the great, Napoleon, Ceasor, Hitler tried to build their own little feeble kingdoms, by shedding the blood of others and failed.

But Jesus is building his everlasting Kingdom by having shed His Blood once and for all

Only when Jesus comes will we see how many people are in His Kingdom.

All these guys are still in their graves, but the tomb of Jesus is empty, the resurrection of Jesus is the greatest event in hi ...

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