by Rocco Badenhorst

Seed, Time and Harvest
Rocco Badenhorst
Genesis 8:22

Theme: Seed Time and Harvest.


SEED TIME AND HARVEST – These three words are very important to note. God has a plan for everyone.

There has to be a sowing before there can be a reaping. We many times become impatient during the waiting time.

SEED TIME AND HARVEST. You can't plant seeds on Monday and expect a harvest on Tuesday,
TIME = patience to see the harvest

Some folk have sown bad seed and pray for a failed harvest. Therefore, when good or bad seed is sown, they will both come up and bring a harvest. The Word of God says, "Whatsoever a man sows that will he also reap." Galatians 6: 7. This verse says whatsoever and I believe whatsoever

Bad seed can be like bad words sown and that will have a negative effect on those who have sown it, for instance a parent that speaks negative words over his child, like "you will never amount to much in life." He has sown bad seeds (words) in that child's life and should not be surprised if that child turns out bad.

So, it is with sowing to the flesh, an example of someone having an out-of-wedlock affair could have an unwanted pregnancy.
Or sowing seeds of crime can have a harvest of prison.

Now let's look at the positive aspect of sowing and reaping.

We need to sow quality seeds into fertile ground for a bountiful harvest. An example here is where we sow finances into the life of a missionary to go into the entire world to preach the gospel. The harvest of souls which is a good seed and can be accredited to the sower.

Genesis 1: 12 says, "Seed after his kind"

So we cannot sow corn and expect tomatoes or beans and expect pumpkins, etc.
The same way we need to remember to sow seeds of kindness to reap a harvest of friendship.
One cannot sow bitterness, hate and gossip, and expect to reap love, joy and peace.
One cannot sow negative words and reap a positive action.
One cannot sow greed and reap abundance.
You can ...

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