by Stan Coffey

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Redeeming Grace (13 of 14)
Series: Amazing Grace
Stan Coffey
Ephesians 1:7

If you have God's Word turn to Ephesians 1:7. Aren't you glad that God has ordained and given us a day that we can come and rest from the busyness of the world, amen? And we can be refreshed and be restored, that is what the Lord's Day is all about. You know when I think about how busy we are I think about a story that I heard recently about a man who was hitch hiking down the road, in fact I was reminded of this yesterday. I was going down the service road at I-40 west of Soncy and I noticed there was a hitchhiker and he had a dog with him, a dog on a leash, a hound dog. And I thought well if someone picks him up they are going to only have to pick him up but they are going to have to pick his dog up too.

Well, anyway, a man was hitch hiking down the road like that; he had a hound dog with him. And a fellow was driving down the road and he saw the man and he thought he would have compassion on him so he stopped. And he said, man do you need a ride? He said I sure do. He said well you can get in the car but your dog has to stay. I can't have a dog get in my car. You can get in that is fine. And the man said that is all right. He will keep up with us. And the man thought, I don't think so. But the man got in and they took off down the road. He looked out his window and he saw the dog running along beside them. They were doing about 40 mph. And the dog was keeping up just fine. And the fellow said I have never seen a dog run like that.

So he said, I am just going to test him out. So he kicked it on up to 65 mph and the dog was still keeping up with him. He said, that is remarkable but I am going to see how fast he can go. So he kicked it on up to 80 mph. The dog is still keeping up with him and that just irritated him to no end! He couldn't believe the dog could actually keep up with them. So he slammed on his brakes and when he did the dog slammed on hi ...

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