by Stan Coffey

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Healing Grace (7 of 14)
Series: Amazing Grace
Stan Coffey
Ephesians 1:6

If you have your Bible I want you to turn to Ephesians 1:6 and today I want to talk to you about “Healing Grace”. We are talking on the subject of “Amazing Grace” and we talked in the first message about saving grace. We are saved by grace through faith. And we have talked about sustaining grace. How that not only are we saved by grace but we live by grace. Not only is it the grace of God that saves us and makes us a child of God but also the grace of God is active and alive. It is dynamic; it continues to work in our lives sustaining us in every situation of life.

And I want to talk today about healing grace. And I could emphasize physical healing because when we are physically healed through the power of Jesus, it is through His grace that we are healed. And there is the power of God’s grace for physical healing. And today if you need physical healing you ought to pray for that and ask God for that and believe God for it because God may choose to intervene, God may choose to heal you. He may choose to heal you through doctors and medicine, but healing comes from God’s grace.

But I want to talk about the healing of our inner wounds. The healing of the scars we have on the inside, the healing of the wounds that we have carried many times from our childhood. Wounds that were inflicted upon us by our parents or by friends or maybe by spouses. Maybe we have been wounded by going through a divorce or we have been wounded through disappointment, the many ways we have been wounded. And God wants to heal those wounds.

In Psalm 147 God says that He heals the broken hearted. But how does He heal the broken hearted? Many times the wounds on the outside of our body heal much quicker than the wounds we have on the inside. How does God heal our broken heart? Well, He does it through His grace. And He does it through helping us to understand who we are. He does it by c ...

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