by Rex Yancey

In one of Andy Capp's comic strips, Andy and Flo were walking down the
street. Andy says to his wife, "I sometimes wonder about myself Flo. I am
not much good to anybody am I? Worthless! That's me!" Flo, the
longsuffering wife replies, "Don't talk like that, Pet. If nothing else,
you serve as a horrible example!" Andy struts off to the pub saying, "She's
right you know. It's nice to know you are making a contribution."
Most everyone wants to make a contribution in life. However, one has to
start well to end well. Jesus extends a personal call to all those who
would chose to follow him. Young people need to remember that Christ has
the very first call on their lives.
Today, I want us to consider following in the footsteps of Jesus.
-Several years ago, I was preaching a revival meeting in North Mississippi.
There was a young man there who was the leader of the Church Training Union.
I guess those words date me. However, before I gave the invitation that
night, he came down to the altar sobbing. I immediately gave the
invitation. He confessed that he had gotten the cart before the horse. He
was trying to volunteer for every vacancy in the church before he had ever
gotten saved. He got saved that night and soon surrendered his life to
ministry. He has been in the same church for the past twenty something
I wonder how many people there are out there who are trying to follow
Jesus when they have never been saved in the first place? I know I have met
quite a few of them in the past 40 years.
One Friday night I was preaching a revival service. A young lady came
down the isle and was saved. She was 16 years old and she was already a
church member and very active in church. She had already surrendered her
life to missions. However, she too, had gotten the cart before the horse.
That night she got her priorities right. She was baptized the following
S ...

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