by Duane Bemis

Blessed Is He...
Duane Bemis
Psalm 1

In a quest greater than I can fathom, my sweet, sweet Rose of Sharon has asked of me to illustrate the heart of the Psalms as He sees them. But I have to ask, why me Lord? For I am nobody, I'm just a man who has walked so many wrong roads, and I do know this, that I, Duane Lee Bemis do not want to take any more detours in life. I just want to spend time with my Creator, my lover and my Savior. For that I am truly a blessed man. For the sweet, sweet road of inner peace are the only roads, which my feet will stroll down. May the ink on the following pages be for your glory, my sweet, sweet Lion of Judah!
May the drawings and the words show all what you can do as you touch a heart of old. A heart so covered with scars, which most will never know. They will never know the scars of death, the scars of the church and the scars of lies at the hand of the father of all lies as he has attempted to carry me deep into the pit of death. Most will never know what brought me to near death as the muddy waters of human waste and human sin tried to drown me, not once but twice. Many sins I have committed and many sins committed against me. But as my dear Lord has forgiven men, I choose to forgive all, including myself. I choose to stand with my Christ and allow Him to fight the great battles and attacks of Satan. He has stripped me out of a good name with false lies and my Christ has said to be quiet and allow Him to clear my name in His ultimate timing. The upcoming pages are truly for one thing, for my God's glory. I want or desire none of the glory. I want only that all touch the heart of Him who makes the eagles take flight. I want all to see what God can do with common dirt, common clay in the hands of Him who was bruised and killed for me. Come now and let your spirit, your heart and your soul take flight as you see the Psalms take flight in common imagery of my heart as my friend Jesus Christ draws through my ey ...

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