by Robert Walker

The Most Perfect Love Story Ever Told
Robert Walker
Genesis 24:1

It is the greatest story of young love ever told because for one thing, no objecting parent is involved, no jealous suitor is on the scene, there is no unfaithfulness, no uncertainty, and it fails to follow the principle upon which nearly all love stories are based, namely, Boy meets girl, boy and girl separate, boy and girl join again and are married. Everybody loves a love story.

Even more important though, I believe as God pulls on the thread of each human love story, he is really weaving together the greatest love story of all - his eternal love for and pursuit of each one of us. So let's look again at Genesis 24 and the story of how God brought together Isaac and Rebekah.

This is one of the longest chapters (80 verses) in the Pentateuch is given to the details of the marriage of Isaac and Rebekah.

Genesis 22 has in it the story of the raising up of Isaac from the altar of sacrifice. This pictures the death and resurrection of Christ. How fitting that we next find the one raised up out of death seeking for himself a bride with the help of his father's trusted servant.

Bible students see in the wonderful illustrations in this story the operations of God's grace in the calling of the Bride of Christ, and the consummation which speaks of that coming union with Christ and the saints.

Abraham is a beautiful picture of God the Father, Isaac the Son that laid on the altar is a beautiful picture of Jesus Christ.

And Eleazer the servant who was sent out to get a bride for the son and bring her back is a picture of the Holy Spirit.
But you got to tear back the literal to see the spiritual.

We read that Abraham was very old at this time (Gen.24:1) The eldest servant was trusted with the administration of the household (v2) his name, Eliezer, means "the help of the Lord.

He reminds us of the Holy Spirit, the executive power of the Godhead. Eliezer entered into covenant w ...

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