by Robert Walker

The Scriptural Solution for Victory in 2005
Robert Walker
Philippians 3:15

He was 93 years old when he died October 1970. Early in his business life he experienced an economic crisis when his bankers stole 47 million dollars over a period of several years from his businesses.

In complete despair he suffered a mental and physical break down and was put into a Sanitarium in Battle Creek Michigan for 10 years. Several times he had tried to commit suicide but never was successful. One night he wrote a suicide note to his family and then collected as many pill from other patients and swallowed them all, hoping to end it all.

Well several hours later while he was in his room he woke up very droggy and he found himself trembling and walking down a long hallway of the hospital.

He stopped near a room where the nurses inside were making a patience bed. As they were working away, he heard them singing an old hymn that his mother taught him years earlier, "God Will Take Care of You".

Then he remembered his mother saying to him, "Jimmy, when everything goes wrong and all seems hopeless, don't ever forget that God will take care of you!"

He said later, "Then and there I was born again."

This man left that Sanitarium the next day, totally delivered of his past! The doctor and nurses could not believe their eyes!

He immediately left that Sanitarium with no medicine, no symptom of his psychotic condition and went down to the bankers who rip him off of 47 million dollars and said to them, "I have no ill will towards you and I forgive you and the bitterness that almost broke me is all gone."

He went on to recoup those 47 million dollars and became one of the most successful businessmen in history and you might have even shopped at his store this Christmas...J.C. Penney.

Towards the last couple of years of his life he was losing his eyesight and one of his most repeated statements was...

"My eyesight is greatly impaired, but my vision is great ...

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