by Robert Walker

Is Thine Heart Right for 2005
Robert Walker
II Kings 10:15

It is always interesting to consider the different ways that God's creation sees. Certain types of hawks can sit on top of the empire state building and see a dime on the sidewalk at the base of the building.

A common honey bee has 15,000 facets in its eyes that enable it to navigate by the sunlight. The king fisher bird has literally two kinds of vision. One vision as it circles over the sea seeking something to eat. And another vision when it dives beneath the water to retrieve that which it located.

Someone described a hawk in the sky and a rabbit on the ground of two ways of seeing. The hawk in the sky can see a rabbit on the ground from 300 feet in the air. But a rabbit on the ground has the ability by looking down to see he hawk circling the sky.

The natural world is filled with unusual ways of
seeing. We know that we perceive things with
Our five senses, physically we touch and we taste and we hear and we see and we smell and we say I see.

Notice the text "Is thine heart right? God knows for he can see into the heart of man.


Maya Angelou, in her book, Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now, tells a story about the way her grandmother was able to look into people's hearts and the way she shaped the heart of little Maya as she grew. The story, entitled "Complaining," is a beautiful example of Jesus' saying, "Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks."

When my grandmother was raising me in Stamps, Arkansas, she had a particular routine when people who were known to be whiners entered her store. Whenever she saw a known complainer coming, she would call me from whatever I was doing and say conspiratorially, "Sister, come inside. Come." Of course I would obey.
My grandmother would ask the customer, "How are you doing today, Brother Thomas?" And the person would reply, "Not so good." There would be a distinct whine in the voice. "Not so good today, Siste ...

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