by Steve Wagers

A Permission Slip for Discipleship!
Steve N. Wagers
Luke 14:26-33
November 14, 2004

Sermon Outline
1. A Sacred Love that Jesus Describes!
A. How this Love is Examined!
B. How this Love is Explained!
2. A Selfish Life that Jesus Denounces!
A. A Self-Extinguished Life!
B. A Self-Exchanged Life!
3. A Supreme Loyalty that Jesus Demands!
A. The Cost that must be Counted!
B. The Commitment that must be Confirmed!

1. Alexander Whyte said:
"Conversion without discipleship is openly implied in much of our evangelical teaching. It has become strangely possible to be Christ's without taking up the cross."

2. How sobering are the words of Oswald Chambers:
"Discipleship and salvation are two different things: a disciple is one who, realizing the meaning of the atonement, deliberately gives himself up to Jesus Christ in unspeakable gratitude."

3. A young man of 18 left home and traveled a long distance to start his freshman year in college. He quickly involved himself in campus life, enjoyed all of the activities, and was especially delighted to begin an academic journey that would take him to different schools in a long way. It was a thrilling time for this young man.

4. One winter night he was seated in the library. His books were all around him. It was a bitter, cold Illinois evening. Outside the snow was falling; it was warm and cozy inside. He looked around and saw other students at tables busily working. He saw books all along the walls, thousands of volumes of the wisdom of the ages.

5. He began thinking about all he had been given. His family had reared him in the knowledge of the Lord. He thought about the wonderful professors who were teaching him. He knew the books represented the dedication of men and women who sacrificed so much to pass on knowledge and understanding. That young man felt surrounded by abundance.

6. There came to him with great vividness words from Scripture. Perhaps he had heard them before, but he n ...

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