by Robert Walker

God's Man for a Challenging Day
Robert Walker
Genesis 37-39

A disturbing message about environmental pollution produced for television feature an Indian brave who sits in his canoe quietly surveying a river bank. The water he studies is stagnant, littered with beer cans, dead fish and the scum of an oil slick and from an ecological point of view the river is dead.

Having assessed the damage the Indian looks up to glare at the silhouette of a modern city on the horizon and as the camera zooms in on the facial features of the old brave the track of a large tear can be seen on his cheek.

No words are needed and the silent message of that tear speaks volumes. The viewer knows immediately who the Indian thinks is responsible for the blight that pollutes his river.

The word pollution has come to describe a large number of things threatening the well being of people and animals. And the question of the hour is this, " has a pervading pollution of the inner person taken place that may have set in motion a poisoning of the system of living in which we are now living.

This sort of question is dusted off every time there is a crisis, an assassination, a cheating scandal, looting during a blackout.

The environmentalist have apparently reclaimed Lake Erie but the great question is can the dying soul of our society that is traveling a pathway of terminal illness be revived.

Elton Trueblood wrote a book entitled, "The Predicament of Modern Man, "and he says the state of the inner spirit in 1944 was troubled and probably polluted dangerously.

Trueblood then acknowledge the greatest calamity of World War II was not its fighting it was the spiritual problem that was being revealed by the fact of the fighting.

And unless the spiritual problem is solved civilization will fail and indeed we already have a foretaste of that failure in many parts of the world. Trueblood says, "Man's sinful nature is such that he will use instruments of power for evil dee ...

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