by Stan Coffey

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Investing For Eternity (2 of 3)
Stan Coffey
Matthew 25:14-30

This morning if you have your Bible turn to Matthew 25:14. Today I want to continue our thoughts about "Destinies And Dreams". And today I am going to talk about "Investing For Eternity". God has an investment program. And in just a moment we are going to begin reading in verse 14.

In January 1997 a mystery was solved that had baffled many people across this country for a long time. It seems that money was coming in to hospitals, charities, and service groups in the form of cashier's checks in the amount of large sums of money. And nobody knew who the donor was because the giver wished to remain anonymous. But as it turned out the giver was Charles Finney, a 66 year old businessman from New Jersey, who was in the duty free shop conglomerate business. He was one of the 400 richest Americans according to Forbes Magazine. By then, they discovered that Finney's wealth was only 1% of what they thought it was. How could they be so far off in their calculations? Well, they found out that Finney had been quietly been giving all of his riches away, over 4 billion dollars in anonymous gifts. Now the rich Mr. Finney was known as a shabby dresser who didn't own a car, who wore a $5 watch, and who didn't even own a house. And yet he was a wealthy man who managed to give 99% of his money away.

Now the richest 1% of Americans give only 2% of their annual gross income to charity and yet here is a man who gave 99% of his total assets away. Why would he do it? We don't know all the answer. Maybe he had learned about God's investment program. You see God has an investment program that Jesus talks about in Matthew 25. Jesus earlier in the Sermon on the Mount had said, "lay not up for your selves treasures on earth where moth and rust do corrupt and thieves break through and steal but rather lay up for your selves treasures in heaven where moth nor rust can corrupt neith ...

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