by Stan Coffey

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The Menace of Materialism (2 of 6)
Series: Living a Christian Life in an "X" Rated Society
Stan Coffey
Luke 12:15; Proverbs 27:20

We are in a series on "Living A Christian Life In An X-Rated Society". And one of the things that we wand to address is the fact that believers often find themselves in tension when trying to live according to principles and values that we believe and hold dear in this world. Do you ever find that you are going against the flow when you stand up for what is right and you live according to what you have been taught and believe? It seems that our world is going one way and we are going against the tide. And I want to give some principles from God's Word over the next several weeks about how to live a Christian life in an x-rated society.

Just remember the light that shines brightest is the light where it is darkest. God has placed you somewhere to go against the tide and to live according to Christian principles in a positive way and be a witness for Christ.

I want to direct your attention to two passages, Luke 12:15. And today's message is entitled "The Menace Of Materialism". If we are to go against the flow, then we must go against the materialism that is constantly bombarding us on every hand, especially in America and in the western world. But it is not new, Jesus addressed it in many of His parables. Did you know that over a fourth of the parables of Jesus had to do with materialism and how a believer is to live in relation with material things?

A man's value is not measured by his valuables. A man's person cannot be measured by his possessions. How could anybody escape materialism today in modern America? It seems that the desire and the quest for more is constantly placed before us and we never have enough things. The average American spends $1300.00 and he only makes $1000.00. In other words, he spends $1300 for every $1000 he makes. And we are in an economic crisis today and under pressure today ...

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