by Stan Coffey

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Yesterday's Blessings For Today's Strength (1 of 6)
Series: Living a Christian Life in an "X" Rated Society
Stan Coffey
Joshua 4:7

I will be preaching today on "Yesterday's Blessings For Today's Strength." And we are beginning a new series of messages on "Living A Christian Life In An "X" Rated Society." Do you ever feel that the principles and the values by which you as a Christian live your life go against the flow of what is happening in our society today? Do you ever feel that when you try to uphold what God has called you to do in your moral and ethical decision is really going against what many people are doing that work with you or live around you? Well I believe that all of us have felt that teaching and that pressure of living a Christian life in an x-rated society. And I hope in the days to come that I will be giving some help from God's Word that will encourage us as we live the Christian life today.

The Bible has a lot to say about memorials. We celebrate the Memorial Weekend and the Memorial Day but the Bible has a great deal to say about memorials. Memorials were a very vital part of God's instruction to the people of Israel all through the Scriptures. An interesting study is take a concordance look up the word memorial and go through the Bible and notice all of the things that God has to say about memorials. Memorials were of great importance. God again and again said to the children of Israel, "Remember what I have done for you. Remember the blessings of God. Remember these special events that took place when I proved and showed my power. And when I delivered you as a nation and as a people."

So I think it is fitting to remember yesterday's blessings because yesterday's blessings about the power of God and the love of God and the mighty acts of God give us encouragement and strength for living today. We are not to forget certain things. God told His people don't forget that I brought you out of the land of Egypt. And H ...

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