by David Cawston

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The Promise of Wisdom
Promises Series
David Cawston
James 1:5

Definition of Wisdom!
The ability to apply knowledge correctly!

Harriett Feneman, the new Sunday school teacher, asked her class, "What do we learn from the story of Jonah?" Eight-year-old Robert Ashley put up his hand and answered, "Travel by air!"

Employee: "The stress my boss puts me under is killing me. I have migraines, my blood pressure is going through the roof, I can't sleep at night, I just found out I have an ulcer, and as long as I stay in this job, the only question is whether I'll have a stroke or a heart attack." Friend: "So why don't you quit?" Employee: "I have a great health plan." –

The need for wisdom!
One of the wisest men that ever lived was a King of Israel by the name of Solomon, the son of David.

2 Chr 1:8-12
8 Solomon answered God, "You have shown great kindness to David my father and have made me king in his place.
9 Now, LORD God, let your promise to my father David be confirmed, for you have made me king over a people who are as numerous as the dust of the earth.
10 Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people, for who is able to govern this great people of yours?"
11 God said to Solomon, "Since this is your heart's desire and you have not asked for wealth, riches or honor, nor for the death of your enemies, and since you have not asked for a long life but for wisdom and knowledge to govern my people over whom I have made you king,
12 therefore wisdom and knowledge will be given you. And I will also give you wealth, riches and honor, such as no king who was before you ever had and none after you will have."(NIV)

IKing 10:24
24 The whole world sought audience with Solomon to hear the wisdom God had put in his heart.(NIV)

Most of us want to be successful. We want to accomplish something in life and enjoy the fulfillment that comes out of our achievement.

When new ideas and inspirations come we believe that our ...

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