by David Cawston

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Maintaining Your Possession
Series: Possessing your Promised Land
David Cawston
Joshua 10:24-25; Joshua 22:22-27; Joshua 24:14-15

There are two aspects to possessing your tomorrows:
Entering and Living

Entering the land has been our concentration on this series to now!

1. "Discovering the need to Possess"
2. "Basic Lessons needed to Possess"
3. "Attitude of Possessing"
4. "First Steps to Possessing"
5. "The Testing of Possessing"
6. "Experiencing Victory God's Way"

All these preceding messages focused on entering the promised land of God.

Today in this final message I focus on continually living in the promised possessions of God.

You know that there is a difference between possessing and living.
Illus. We possess a new house.
We are not yet living in it!
When you live in a place there is "a place for everything and everything has its place."

The first step was to take the land!
The next step was to live in the land!

Let us learn three lessons from Joshua's instructions to his people as they were securing their foothold in the land.

I. Learn to live in the Authority God has given you!

You remember the famous battle where the sun stood still.
Joshua's reason for invoking God's miracle power in this way was that his enemy had been scattered-and Joshua wanted more than to put his enemy to flight, he wanted to put his enemy to death.

His pursuit of the scattered enemy troops was momentarily distracted when he received the message that all five of the kings who had marshaled those troops against him were seen hiding in a cave. Joshua 10:22

Joshua's troops were ready to stop and celebrate the victory over those kings. Joshua wasn't.
He said roll the stone over the entrance of the cave and they'll be there when we get back from pursuing the other troops.

They finished up the other battle and came back to the cave.

Josh 10:24-25
24 When they had brought these kings to Joshua, he summoned all ...

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