by David Cawston

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Preparing to Receive God's Miracle
Series: The Miracle of Christmas
David Cawston
Luke 1:38-56

''All Miracles begin with God''
God doesn't need a special setting.
You don't have to be sinless!
But you must be open to God's unlimited possibilities!

''The way Miracles Happen''
You must learn to listen to God!
You must believe what you hear!
You must respond appropriately to what is being asked!

''Preparing to Receive God's Miracle''

Two friends were out hunting and one was always bragging about what a good shot he was. About that time a duck flew over. He took aim and fired; the duck flew on unscathed. He paused a minute and said, ''My friend, you are now witnessing a miracle. There flies a dead duck.'' We need to witness miracles! We need to experience miracles!

Miracles aren't as easy to live with in this world as one would think.
They will change you!
Mary had to undergo a physical change to be able to receive God's miracle of Jesus.
There is a cost to miracles
1 They will change you from the way you used to be!
Jesus said this new wine from Him required a new wine skin.
2 They will change the way you walk.
Just as a pregnant woman walks differently so you will learn to walk differently receiving God's miracles.

Your walk will become more dependent on Him.
Your walk before the world will be more evaluated than ever before.

3 They will change what you eat or take in!
It is obvious to note that when a woman becomes pregnant she has to be careful what she eats for now she is not only eating for herself but for another.

Your intake will also change. Entertainment habits, social life, personal habits, conversation etc.

This step towards spiritual maturity is characterized by ones decision to end childish personal indulgences.
But remember Miracles conceived at high moments of faith have to be carried through long seasons of waiting.

Luke 1:38
3 Then Mary said, ''Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let ...

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