by David Cawston

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All Miracles Begin with God
Series: The Miracle of Christmas
David Cawston
Luke 1:26-35 & 37-38


In a Dennis the Menace cartoon, Dennis and Joey are staring longingly into a department store window that is all decorated for Christmas. The tree with a train going around it, toys galore, lights and live action characters have completely captured the two little boys. In a thoughtful and wistful voice Dennis says: "Last month was our giving thanks holiday, an' Christmas is God's 'You're welcome'."

Just a few days before Christmas two ladies stood looking into a department store window at a large display of the manger scene with clay figures of the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the wise men, and the animals. Disgustedly, one lady said, "Look at that, the church trying to horn in on Christmas! "

The kids were putting on the Christmas play. To show the radiance of the newborn Savior an electric light bulb was hidden in the manger. All the stage lights were to be turned off so that only the brightness of the manger could be seen, but the boy who controlled the light got confused--all the lights went out! It was a tense moment, broken only when one of the shepherds said in a loud stage whisper, "Hey! You switched off Jesus!"
As I start this series today for this Christmas season I want to focus on the miraculous power of God.

The incarnation has to do with God interrupting common people and interjecting into their lives expectations and miracles.

It is people being open to more than they ever dreamed and much more than they ever could realize by themselves.

It is a living realization that God introduced a new era in divine history of "Emmanuel".

It is the fact that from this time on "God would be with us" as ordinary people in our daily lives. Teaching us of His desire of personal divine intervention.

Most of our romantic notions need to be challenged when it comes to miracles.

We suppose that supernatural mirac ...

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