by David Cawston

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Living as Christ
Series: Seven Pillars of Philippians
David Cawston
Philippians 1:1- 30

Background of the Epistle:
This Epistle was written by the Apostle Paul as a thank you back to the Church at Philippi for sending relief to him while under house arrest in Rome.

This the first Church that he established in Macedonia.
Philippi was a city in which many things happened to Paul.
• It was here that he met Lydia who was a seller of Purple. She received Christ here and was baptized and was seemingly well to do. It could be that Lydia was the reason the church had the resources to Paul during his time of need.
1. Met Lydia a __________________________________.

• It was here that a young slave girl was delivered of a Spirit of divination and the hostility of here owners was turned against Paul and Silas.
2. Young slave girl with a spirit of______________________.

• It was here that they were beaten and cast into prison. At midnight they sang praises unto the Lord and there was a great earthquake. The jail was thrown open but no one escaped.
3. Beaten and cast into _____________ and a ________________________happened.

• The Jailer took them home and bathed them. He and his whole family were saved that night.
4. ________________took him home and his family was _____________________.

5. The Magistrates decided to let them go but Paul would not go until the magistrates came to the prison and made a public vindication of them for Paul notified them that he was a Roman citizen and they had seriously violated Roman Law.

Now at this time Paul was a prisoner of Rome. You will find mentioned in the first chapter the "Praetorian Guard" and "Caesar's household".

It is possible that ten or eleven years had passed by this time since the establishment of the Church in Philippi.

The date of Paul's imprisonment was around 63A.D.

Paul's Letter is one of encouragement and teaching to the Philippian Church about His vi ...

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