by Stan Coffey

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Overcoming Fear of Loneliness (5 of 7)
Stan Coffey
Acts 23:11-12

We are coming to a close soon on our series of "Know Fear". I hope it has been a blessing to you. This morning I want us to look at the Book of Acts and we are going to talk about "Overcoming The Fear Of Loneliness." All of us have times when we are lonely. In fact loneliness is one of the greatest problems that Americans face today.

Somebody said that a city is a place where you can be lonely in the midst of tens of thousands of people. And one of the loneliest places to live is in a large city where no one knows your name. We have lost that personal touch. In the business world we are known by numbers. We use to think that was bad that we were known by numbers but now when we call some business on the telephone, we can't get a person. We get a recording and then we get a recording of the recording. It says dial 5, you dial 5 and then you get another recording that says give us your number and we will call you back. You give them your number but nobody ever calls you back.

This is just a world where people are isolated and out of touch with one another. There is just a longing for that human touch, the touch of the human hand. Some very simple things that are a part of our life cause loneliness. Separation causes loneliness. When we loose a loved one and we are separated. Or when we move to another part of the country and we move away from our family, many times we feel lonely. Or if there is a separation or a divorce, there is the powerful feeling of loneliness. It has been said and proven that divorce is second only to the stress of death in a family. So there is separation.

There is isolation, when we are isolated because of our work, or because of the circumstances of our life. These circumstances really create an experience of loneliness. There are some people who are sitting today watching by television and no one writes anymore and ...

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