by Stan Coffey

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Fear of Failure (4 of 7)
Stan Coffey
Joshua 1:1-8

We are going to continue our series of lessons on "Know Fear". I hope you have been enjoying the series of lessons. Today we are talking about "the Fear of Failure". Failure is a word that we don't even like to hear. It is a depressing word, it is a discouraging word. It lingers just underneath the surface. We don't like to even think about failure and yet we know that failure is always something that is there. We don't want to fail in life. We don't want to fail in any area of our life, especially in our Christian life. And yet failure is a reality in life.

If you would take your Bible turn to Joshua 1. Joshua was confronted with a tremendous challenge. And that challenge was to lead the people of Israel following the death of Moses. You talk about a challenge. Moses had been the great lawgiver, the great leader of the people of Israel through forty years of wandering in the wilderness, not only that he had led them out of Egypt. He had given them the Ten Commandments; he was the only leader that they had ever known for all of those years. And now Moses died. Immediately they are confronted with the possibility of a new leader. And Joshua has been chosen by God.

One of the reasons that we don't understand failure is that we don't understand success. God doesn't measure success as the world measures success. One of the things that we need to understand about success is that success is relational, it is not circumstantial. Success on Monday night to the Dallas Cowboys was different than success to the Washington Redskins. Every time there is a sports contest, one will succeed and the other will fail. It is not that way with God. We are not in a contest where one has to succeed and one has to fail in life. So God doesn't have to measure success that way. It is not a contest, which is a race where one has to win and one has to loose.

The word failure is a w ...

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