by Stan Coffey

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Fear Not (1 of 7)
Series: Know Fear
Stan Coffey
II Timothy 1:6-9

This is a forty day period of time that gives us an opportunity for forty days to have a special walk with God when we focus our attention on God's love and God's care for us. And the fact that God wants to give us victory over fear. God wants to give us affirmation; He wants to give us faith for daily living.

Right now in our nation we just memorialized those who were killed in the tragedy of 9/11, the third year anniversary of 9/11. We know many Americans are concerned about the future. In fact among women, the number one concern in the national election is security. One of the main issues that people are concerned about is the security of our nation, the security of our families, the security of our children in the future. How can we know that we will be secure from terrorists? So fear of the future is something that all of us think about from time to time. And we try to prepare for the future the best we can. The Bible says, ''We know not what will come on tomorrow.'' So the Bible deals with this and we are going to be dealing with this in our study.

Some of you remember the 40 Days of Purpose and this is the same format as that study. It is setting aside forty days. Forty in the Bible is a number of testing. It is a number that Jesus spent forty days in the wilderness being tempted of the devil and forty days and forty nights was the flood upon the earth. The children of Israel were in the wilderness forty years. So forty days is a good number when we think about setting aside a number just to think about how God cares for us, how God secures us. So that is what we will be thinking about, about God's control, God's trustworthiness, how we can put our faith and trust in Him for our daily life.

If you have your Bible I want us to read from II Timothy 1:7. There are two sides to fear. There is a negative side and a positive side. We know that there is a positive side to fear, that ...

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