by David Cawston

Value Life
David Cawston
Exodus 20:13

The results of the deception of Humanism has been the devaluation of life.

Humanism had its roots in the early part of this century.
With the scientific age and increased knowledge came the foundation for humanism.

Humanism declares that I am the master of my fate and that the human experience is the highest experience available to man. I am the most valuable thing in my world.
It pretends to lift the value of life but instead discredits it.

Back in the early 1920's there was a science called eugenics.
It was really developed in the late 1800's.
It was the study of good and bad gene transmital as propagated through human beings.
Good genes and bad genes were identified as related to behavior and intelligence.

A wealthy gentleman was used as an experiment. He was identified as having good genes. He had children through his well bred wife and also through a servant girl that worked for him. Both sets of children were traced. The children from his wife became Lawyers, politicians, business people and from his servant girl they were thieves, criminals and people of disrepute. This supposed study proved that good genes should be bred and bad genes should not.

In fact this study had an impact upon the US immigration department at Ellis Island in the early years of this century. There were immigrants that were returned to their home countries because they were considered genetically unfit to enter the United States.

It was the basis of this study that led Hitler himself to believe in the superiority of the Aryan race and to begin the elimination of Jews and others.

Look at the progressive decline in the value of life through the influence of the philosophy or religion of humanism coupled with science..
Look at the lie.
Look at the outworking of the downward spiral.
1. I have my rights.
2. I am in control of my own destiny.
Godlessness and lack of accountability.
3. ...

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