by David Cawston

Truth: The Foundation for Relationships
David Cawston
Ephesians 4:15 and 25

We yearn for relationships where we can be completely honest, open and vulnerable.
Where we can share failures as well as successes.
Shortcomings as well as strengths.
Where we can find intimacy as well as confidentiality.
These intimate authentic relationships are exactly what God has in mind for us.
That is one of the purposes He created the Body of Christ the Church.
God created us for relationships and wants us to experience them at their best.
Learning how to tell others the truth is the basis of genuine relationships.

''If I told my boss the truth he would blow his stack..''
''If I told my husband how I feel about his constant traveling, he would get defensive and withdraw even more.''
''If I told my parents how frustrated I am in school they would be too disappointed to understand.''

On and on we can go explaining why we can't afford to tell the truth
We agree in theory that honest is the best policy.
It might be OK for someone else but it won't work for me.
But we can never have an authentic relationship with out it.
We must learn to speak the truth in Love.

Negative means of communication that are dishonest.
• Peace keeping
We submerge our true feelings in order to preserve harmony but we lose the integrity of our relationship. We buy peace on the surface but underneath are hurt feelings troubling questions and hidden hostilities waiting to erupt.

We hang out the sign, Do Not Disturb, Don't rock the boat.

• Hintdropping
These people avoid confrontation at all and just add insult to injury. On top of the initial problem they heap all the damage done during their hint dropping era.

• Manipulation
These people cry, coach, whine, set up circumstances but only aggravate the problem.

• Guilt
These people use expressions like ''After all I have done.'' ''How could you.'' ''I was depending on you.'' ''Well if that's all it mea ...

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