by David Cawston

Thinking Differently
David Cawston
Romans 8: 25-29

As I have been saying since we started this series, God usually works His will in unexpected ways. Those ways are full of twists and turns. Zig Zags. While none of us can guess the futures, God is up to something great. And if we can ever figure it all out it will be terrific.

We think His will is much like our will, except His is smarter and has a longer view. We read out human life style into God's character, so that when He throws us a curve we view Him as unfair or untrustworthy.

For example if I were God-
• I would have never allows Dietrich Bonhoeffer to die at age thirty nine in a concentration camp. I would have allowed him to live 50 more years to model and write about the great life of faith.

• If I were God I would have never let Jim Elliott and those other fine young men be slain by the Acua Indians back in the 1950. I would have used them in ways that I considered worthwhile for many years.

• If I were God, I would have never put Corrie ten Boom and her family through what they went through. Never because it is not fair to treat godly people that way.

• If I were God I would not have let my Brother in Law and two pastors be killed in Africa and their lives cut short.

• If I were God I would not have let my Father in Law die at the age of 64.

• If I were God I wouldn't have let you go through some of the tough things that you have gone through over these last twelve months.

We must remember that we are finite. We do well to learn from a little history, looking back is 20/20 hindsight. Remember though some things we will seem to understand in time but some things we might never understand.

But let us not forget that in our view point we take care of ourselves. We watch out for number one. We're focused far too much on how we look and what people are thinking and saying about us. We think humanly.

Meanwhile God is working His will in us. ...

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