by David Cawston

Salvation and Deliverance
David Cawston
III John 1:2

The story of Jesus is the story of Salvation and Deliverance.

In the New Testament the word salvation in the Greek "Soteria" means: Deliverance, preservation, soundness, prosperity, happiness, rescue, general well being. The word salvation has often been reduced to less than what the Bible really teaches. Salvation is God's power at wok in every area of a person's life. In preaching the gospel of salvation we must prioritize the need for people to be born again. However, we must also preach that God want to heal, deliver, rescue, and proper them because this is what the Bible teaches.

The story of Jesus is the story of Salvation and Deliverance.
Deliverance from Sickness
Deliverance from heartaches of life
Deliverance from Possession
Deliverance from Sin

The disciples were saturated with that understanding!
For three years they saw, heard and experienced the heart of God reflected in Jesus Christ.

They through the pages of the New Testament continued to speak of the desire of a loving savior to bring full life to every believer.

When He came into the world He came to release mankind from their fears and frustrations and from their spiritual, physical and mental diseases. Jesus is the complete deliverer from the hurts and ills of life.

The Cross paints for us the picture of a loving and helpful savior and redeemer.

He surrounds us with his care and watches over us and desires the best for us.
It is reflected in that fact that even the hairs of our head are numbered.
If the sparrow cannot fall without His notice and the lilies of the field are clothed by his care how much more are we under His constant observation and desire for provision.

The ministry of Jesus here on earth reflected the desire of the father's heart!
No one was turned away!
People of all walks of life were ministered to!
Hell was put on notice that it would no longer rule unchallenged! ...

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