by David Cawston

The Power of Influence
David Cawston
Exodus 2:1-10

Happy Mother's Day! A man had watched his mother scrubbed floors to send him through college, and he felt he could never adequately repay her. Now a successful businessman, he sent her gifts from all over the world on Mother's Day to say he was thinking of her. While traveling in South America, he found a parrot that could speak six languages and recite long passages from Shakespeare. He knew his mother would love such a bird, and he paid $14,000 for it. When he got back home, he phoned his mother. ''How about that bird I sent you for Mother's Day?'' he asked. ''Thank you so much,'' his mother said. ''It was delicious.''

The Power of Influence!

Parents have more influence over their teenagers than peers do in most important decisions, a Gallup Poll found. The poll found that teens are more likely to listen to their parents on long-term, life affecting issues and to listen to their peers for short-term decisions. Parent are overwhelmingly more influential than peers on decisions such as whether to go to college (77% to 5%), whether or not to go to church (70% to 9%), and doing their homework (66% to 15%). About 50% of teens pay more heed to their parents' rules on drinking, and 48% follow their advice on whether or not to have sex. Parents also outrank peers on decisions about whether or not to smoke or begin dating. Peers tend to outrank parents on decisions such as clothing styles, whom to date, and what kinds of materials to read, according to news reports. --Goshen News Service, Dec.3, 1997 dec97

Several years ago the University of Michigan conducted a nation-wide survey, and when asked what they would like to be when they grew up, 80% of the 11-18 year old girls surveyed desired to be just like their mother!

No other force in a child's life is as strong as his mother's influence.

''The future destiny of the child ''Napoleon said, ''is always the work of the mother.''

As ...

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