by David Cawston

Discovery of a New Family
David Cawston
Ephesians 2:19-22; Romans 12:5; Matthew 12:46-50

We are tired of institutions
Since the 1960's, Americans have become increasingly ant-institutional. In an institution you are just a number.
No one cares.
You are only an object to be used.
Illus. Back in the days of the computer cards for bill paying.
Do not fold staple or mutilate
Will somebody please listen to me!

The phrase "Organized Religion" is used contemptuously today. The Church has become another organization!

That is not what God wanted!
It was to be a family!
These are the reflections from Scripture over and over again.
This is what the Holy Spirit is bringing to us today!
Christian Life Center must be a family!
I have always believed that in my ministry!
That is why I don't mind having my family here!
You need to be modeled to as to what a Christian Family is really like.
Doesn't mean it doesn't have problems but it know how to resolve those problems without hurting.
It doesn't cover up!
It doesn't promote something that it isn't.

God's call for us is to enter a new family
One of the reasons I love the East Coast is because of the family values that are established here.
If you came from a good family that being a part of the family of a church has positive feelings for you.

But the sad part of American life today has been the destruction of the family with dysfunction

So if you came from a dysfunctional family then being a part of the church as a family has a whole set of negative feelings and experiences for you.

God's family that he wants you to join is whole instead of one that is dysfunctional.

But for many of us therefore because of bad family experiences we are afraid to join the new family of God because we have just escaped one that was hurtful.

Dysfunctional families have caused us to:
Not tolerate imperfection-
Create lack of faith in others
Placing the blame on others
Forceful e ...

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