by David Cawston

What to Do When I Am in Trouble?
David Cawston
Jonah 2:1-10

This is a book portrays a God of second Chances, You can start over!
The other messages from this book are titiled:
1. "God Wants to talk to You!" 1:1-3
2. "You can run, but you can't hide"1:3-10
3. "How to right a wrong" 1:11-17
4. "What to do when I am in trouble?" 2:1-10
5. "You can start over" 3:1-10
6. "Bad Attitudes can Destroy your Life" 4:1-11

Now Today!
"What to do when I am in trouble?" 2:1-10
Jonah was in deep trouble!
He had heard from God about going to Nineveh!
He had run the opposite direction taking a ship to Tarshish
A violent storm had hit the ship!
Jonah knew that it was God's discipline!
The men on the ship had tried to save themselves but lightening their load and be rowing to shore!
Jonah had told him to throw him overboard!
They responded and immediately the storm had calmed itself!
The men on the ship made vows to God but they were sure Jonah had drowned!
Jonah was now sinking to the depths of the sea drowning when God had him swallowed by a large fish!
God saved Jonah when he threw himself on the mercy of God!
God had appointed a great fish to preserve his prophet!
God has unusual ways of saving!

Jan. 6, 1998, Reuters
A baggy sweatshirt spared a 12-year-old boy from serious injury when he fell 130 feet from his Belgrade high-rise apartment, Yugoslav media said on Tuesday. Witnesses said Daniel Gurgus' plunge from the balcony was slowed when the shirt caught on tree branches, the daily Blic reported. Gurgus, who only suffered minor scratches, said he had heard his friends, playing below his apartment, call him and so climbed onto loose bricks to see them before falling. Neighbors passing the spot where Gurgus fell last Saturday stared with disbelief at broken branches, a piece of the sweatshirt hanging from the tree and two imprints from Daniel's knees in the ground below. --

God did not want to kill Jonah he wanted to save ...

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