by David Cawston

What Really Happens When Revival Comes
David Cawston
Isaiah 55:6-7


At this very moment there are more believers living here in the United States than in any time in history. Hundreds of churches boast membership in the thousands and dozens of ministries claim to be touching the world.

-Gospel television and radio shows are aired twenty four hours a day.
-Christian literature pours off the presses at an unprecedented pace.
-Believers are neck deep in praise tapes and teaching materials.

But something is terribly wrong.

-Our society is crumbling all around us.
-The fear of God has all but disappeared.

Something horrible has taken place.
The church has backslidden without even knowing it.

Like Sardis in the Book of Revelation, we have become ''The perfect model of inoffensive Christianity.''

''Having a reputation of being alive, yet being dead.''
Revelation 3:1

Like Sardis we have come to terms with our pagan environment and provoke almost no opposition and make almost no impact.

Like Sardis, situated high on a mountain, we have felt safe and secure in this world.

Why else has persecution ceased?
How else do we explain, that American's can sin with so little guilt, unless we have ceased to be ''the salt of the earth and the light of world''. Matthew 5:13-16

Unless we have ceased to be the standard of righteousness for our society. Paul taught ''Where there is no law, there is no transgression''. Romans 4:15

Do the people of the world know that they are breaking God's law, when we haven't lived it out and proclaimed it?

Can we accuse them of irreverence, when we have shown them nothing to revere?

The fact is, we have gotten so fat that we can't even get out the church doors to touch the world.

Our contemporary gospel has bred

- complacency instead of compassion
- success instead of sacrifice
- prestige instead of prayer

We no longer ask what we can do for Him, but ask what He can do for u ...

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