by David Cawston

You Can Start Over
David Cawston
Jonah 3:1-10

This is the fifth in a series of message from the Book of Jonah.
This is a book portrays a God of second Chances!
The other messages from this book are titled:
2. ''You can run, but you can't hide''1:3-10
3. ''How to right a wrong'' 1:11-17
4. ''What to do when I am in trouble?'' 2:1-10

Now today
''You can start over'' 3:1-10

Next week! ''Bad Attitudes can Destroy your Life'' 4:1-11

God is a God of second chances!
I love the way that this chapter starts.
1 Then the word of the LORD came to Jonah a second time:

Here is a picture right at the conclusion of all his rebellion. After running from God. After going through terrible trials of punishment. God never gives up!
He comes back again and again!

There are many pictures in Scripture of God who gives second chances.
God has compassion on all of us as sinners!

There are a lot of boats sailing for Tarshish today but remember there is a sever storm on the way!
For those of us that headed the way of Tarshish we read in Jonah 3:1the Word of the Lord came to Jonah ''a second time''.
What Good news!
You may have blown it!
You may have done your own thing and sailed for your Tarshish!
You may feel that How could God receive you again for what you have done!
But Good news!
God is a God of second chances!
• Moses broke the tablets of the law, but God gave his law to him a second time.
• Samson sinned but God gave him a second chance!
• David sinned with Bathsheba and God gave him another chance!
• Peter cursed the Lord, but Jesus met him at the shore and gave him a second chance.
Some people have written across their lives failure!
Because of rejection.
Because they have not forgiven themselves
Because they believe that that is just the way they are!
They are a looser!

These are all lies!
That is not the way God looks at you!
He wants to put you back on track!
He wants to make you what He has positively ...

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