by David Cawston

Seize the Day
David Cawston
Revelation 3:7-8

I am moved by this verse of scripture because it is addressed directly to us today.
Letter to the 7 churches in revelation.
7 churches that existed
7 Stages that the church age would go through
7 types of churches existent

God is a God of 3D.
He doesn't just think in one dimension but works all dimensions together for your good.
I believe that this is the day for an open door in Philadelphia!
I take this as a promise!
It is a direct answer to the prayer of William Penn upon the founding of this great city and area.
This is a direct answer to our prayers in our prayer meetings.
This is God's hour for this area right now!
I want to be responsive to the open door that God has given us!
Peoples hearts are open now as never before!
• People have been disillusioned by religion.
Illus. Reporter from the Bucks County Courier times.
• People are lonely and need to be loved!
Illus man walking down Business route one in the rain!
• People have been abused and need to be healed!
Acts of kindness will show you how open the doors are!
• People have been abandoned and need to be accepted!

God has positioned us as a church strategically!
We have the attention of the community!
We have the attention of the region!
We need to rise to the occasion!
What good is an open door if nobody walks through it?

In spite of all the problems God still provides opportunities!
4 personal things needed in our lives that are required to seize the day!
Many people throughout scripture seized the day and made it what God wanted!

• Joshua and Caleb seized the day when they were the only tow spies that challenged the Children of Israel to enter the promised land when the other 10 said no. God met them and they lived to lead the children of Israel 40 years later into that land.
• David as a shepherd boy seized the day when he saw the mockery that Goliath
God met him!
• Nehem ...

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