by David Cawston

Reserve Strength for Tough Times
David Cawston
Matthew 25:1-13

This parable and all the other parables in Matthew 25 were taught during the last week of Jesus life, following his triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

During that five day period Jesus had some significant things to say to his followers.

Jesus was teaching in this week two main things.
1. The end of the age and what would happen!
2. Warning about things that could deceive them!

Jesus was probably standing in the courtyard of a friend's home outside of Jerusalem.
He loved using familiar places and events as situations for teaching.

Maybe a wedding had taken place in that home the night before!
Jewish law called for weddings to begin on Wednesday-usually in the home of the Bride's father, or perhaps his brother. They always lasted more than one day.
That evening after the day of festivities the Bride and the Bridesmaids would prepare for the grooms arrival. No one knew exactly when he would come. In fact, it was something of a game to try to guess when the groom would show up to claim his bride. The house was made ready and then the bridesmaids would go out into the courtyard to wait for and greet the groom when he arrived.

The wedding ceremony would not take place until the groom arrived. It would be preceded by a great feast called the wedding supper. After dinner and the exchange of vows, the young couple would be escorted through the streets of the city to their new home by the light of flaming torches and with a canopy over their heads.

In Jesus story it was after dark when the word came that the bridegroom was on his way.
Ten bridesmaids went out to meet him carrying their lamps with them to light his way down the road and into the courtyard. Remember, there were no street lights so the night would have been pitch black. But the groom was delayed for some reason. The young women sat in the darkness on the side of the path waiting. They finally fel ...

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