by David Cawston

Ready to Face the Music
David Cawston
Hebrews 9:27-28

There is a preacher of the old school, but he speaks as boldly as ever. He is not popular though the world is his parish, and he travels every part of the globe and speaks in every language. He visits the poor, calls upon the rich, preaches to people of every religion and no religion, and the subject of his sermon is always the same. He is an eloquent preacher, often stirring feelings which no other preacher could in bringing tears to eyes that never weep. His arguments none are able to refute, nor is there any heart that has remained unmoved by the force of his appeals. He shatters life with his message. Most people hate him; everyone fears him. His name? Death. Every tombstone is his pulpit. Every newspaper prints his text, and someday everyone of you will be his sermon.

Everybody eventually has to face the music. Everyone eventually hears "Taps" played in his own soul. It may be through an unexpected stroke, a fiery plane crash, a stray bullet, or one cancer cell. But everybody eventually faces death. As you think about death, and we think about this short but powerful passage, think about the following:

I. There Is A Physical Appointment
With Death You Must Meet

1. "And as it is appointed for men to die once..." (v.27a) The word "appointed" in the Greek language literally means "to be laid up" or "to be laid aside." It could be translated "reserved." When you make a "reservation" at a hotel, that means a certain room is set aside for you to use. Well, every person has a reservation with death. People keep their appointment everyday; three people every second; 180 every minute; 11,000 every hour; 260,000 every day; 95 million people a year keep their appointment with death.

2. Death is not an accident, it is an appointment. It is one you will keep, that you
cannot deny, and you cannot delay.

3. Two teenagers were talking one day ...

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