by David Cawston

Preparing Your Way for the Lord
David Cawston
Mark 1:1-11

I want you to relive the life of Jesus Christ as seen through the eyes and the experience of Mark.

We will linger at each event, contemplate each saying, behold each miracle, feel each healing, experience each tragedy and triumph and receive each benefit of the amazing life of Jesus.
It took years of observation and learning before Mark had a gospel to write.

What he observed of Jesus as an eyewitness learned about the disciples about Him and then what he was forced to go through in his own life, hammered out his gospel.

We first meet Mark during the last week of Jesus' ministry.
His mother Mary owned the house, which was the site of the Upper Room.

He was part of an underground fellowship, which helped stage the triumphant of Jesus as Messiah into Jerusalem.

He made the arrangements for the Last Supper in his house and was an observer of the tragic events of Jesus' betrayal, trial and crucifixion.

It was that same upper room, which continued as the meeting place of the disciples during the excruciating days of frightened waiting after the crucifixion.

His mother has been one of the first witnesses to the resurrection.

As the host of the disciples, Mark must have been of the participants in the joy of the Good News that Jesus was alive.
It was to his home that the disciples returned to wait for the power that Jesus promised.
I believe that he was with the apostolic fellowship when Jesus returned in the power of the Holy Spirit and the church was born.

Mark was a part of the infant church that began to grow in Jerusalem.
He gave not only his home but his heart to the living Christ.

Perhaps he was one of those who influenced the conversion of his cousin, Barnabus, who became distinguished for selling lands and possessions and giving the proceeds to the apostles In Acts Chapter 5.

As apart of a wealthy family, young Mark used his influence and financial ...

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