by David Cawston

One World Government
David Cawston
Revelatin 6:1-2; Daniel 2: 31- 45; Revelation 13:1-8

Biblical prophesy is clear about the establishment of one last kingdom that is about to come upon the face of the earth.

One World Government will come from Where?

The understanding of the constituency of that kingdom is still a matter of debate.

Some students of Bible prophecy believe that the revived Roman Empire will consist of ten nations.

The current European Union that has been put together is a fifteen member nation with more expected to join in the future.
Those with that biblical prophetic view point feel that some of the nations that have joined will drop out.

There is still a chance that this is changing in its dimension, as we look at it in the light of today's history.

First of all, we must note that the ten horns are identified clearly as ten kings.

Those are not necessarily ten nations.

So the ten kings could well represent beyond the boundary of those ten nations that were considered to be the Union.

Secondly, many of the Eastern European countries that are now free from the clutches of the Soviet Union are lined up at the door for entry into the European Union, which could make it expand much more.
It does not mean the European Union will not have a great, significant role to play in the last days of the Anti-Christ.

But what it does mean, is definitely His powers and influence are far beyond the borders of the European Union.

Europe probably will play a significant central role in what is transpiring.

Who will Rule this Kingdom!

The rulership of that kingdom is clearly defined by scripture by one that is known as the Anti-Christ.

The inscription spoken of in Revelation 13:1 and the description in Daniel 7 parallel each other.

This new one world government will be ultimately brought together under the rulership of this charismatic, peaceful, deceptive leader:
* whose image is nothing but peace

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