by David Cawston

David Cawston
Psalm 42:1-11; Psalm 43:1-5


I have a churning place, it's in my stomach just below my rib cage.
When disturbing things happen, when troubling words are said, when certain letters contain ugly words or extremely critical comments are read, the churning starts.

Do you have a similar thing? Some say it's a spot in their head, specifically in their forehead. Others say it's in the back of their neck. Any number of things can trigger these feelings.
Bad news,
strong fears,
strained relations,
car accidents,
almost running out of gas,
dental work,
late night phone calls,

I find it comforting that God's inspired hymnal does not omit this area of inner-turmoil.

Let's take a look at some background information about Psalm 42 and 43. You will notice and discover that it occupies the first place in book 2 of the Psalms. The entire Psalm hymnbook breaks down into five breaks.

Book 1 - Psalm 1 - 41
Book 2 - Psalm 42 - 72
Book 3 - Psalm 73 - 89
Book 4 - Psalm 90 - 106
Book 5 - Psalm 107 - 115

No one knows for sure why the Psalms are so divided. All we know is that Moses gave five books of the law to Israel so David gave 5 books of Psalms to Israel. But there's something of significant importance when we look at the first Psalm in book 2. I want to suggest that Psalm 42 and Psalm 43 should be taken together as a unit. Look at two observations.

1. Psalm 43 has no super-scription.
Nothing by the way of introduction appears before verse 1. This is the only Psalm in book 2 without a super-scription. I believe, therefore, it linked quite naturally with the previous Psalm. Remember, chapter breaks like the punctuation markings have been added to the text of scripture in later centuries. God's word is inspired by not the punctuation or various paragraph breakdowns.

2. The phrase repeated twice in Psalm 42 verse 5 and 11. They appear identical in form i ...

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