by Duane Bemis

Useful for the Master
Duane Bemis

It was a cold Easter morning as I set out to fill my car with the needed materials. About two weeks before I had a vision while worshiping the King of kings and I was ready to paint this heavenly design. I loaded my canvass, airbrush, compressor, and paints into the back of my vehicle. Today's adventure would take me to a local church here in West Texas, where I was to do a live worship painting and then follow this with the God given sermon about this divine vision.

I arrived and started to erect my easel and plug in my airbrush machine. A little tyke came up to me and asked me real questions. He asked me, "What are you doing?" His heartfelt question tickled my heart. I leaned down and told him, "I was about to paint for Jesus." The little guy said, "I want to paint for Jesus." I was moved that this little fellow would want to become an artist for Jesus just like me. I encouraged the little one about drawing for Jesus when he stopped me and said, "I want to paint for Jesus right now." I laughed deep inside because of his exuberance.

The music started and I began the painting. Flowing with the music and the prayers I finished the painting some 45 minutes later. Right before I finished I noticed that the little fellow had ventured out of his fathers grip to come and ask me some more questions. He softly said, "Whose hand is that?" (I had painted the picture that is on the cover of this article but I added the hand of Jesus on the left hand side.) I whispered to the little guy, "It is the hand of Jesus." He followed this with, "What are the cups?" My heart was moved with the simple yet honest questions that this little four year-old was asking. I continued, "The cups are our hearts getting ready for Jesus to fill us and use us." The 4 year old uttered, "What about the bird?" Again I was amazed how this little one wanted understanding. "The bird is the Holy Spirit, like the one in the front of the church," I explained. The ...

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