by David Cawston

God's Call to True Holiness
David Cawston
Leviticus 11:44


God is strikingly holy, overwhelmingly, awesomely, inexpressibly holy.
He is completely separate; absolutely free from sin and evil; totally good and pure.
He is perfect life, perfect truth, perfect justice, perfect love.

There is nothing to fully compare Him to.
There are no words that adequately describe Him.

He can no be explained, only exalted.
He can not be analyzed, only adored.
He is not just holy, but "Holy, Holy, Holy".

Seeing His spender is more than we can bear,
beholding His presence is completely overpowering to us.

Moses could not approach the burning bush; he had to remove the sandals from his feet. The ground had become holy.

The Israelites could not come near Mount Sinai; that had to wash their clothes and abstain from relations with their wives. Their normal habits had to be adjusted.
Almighty God was about to appear.

The ordination or Aaron and his four sons must have been the most solemn ordination in all of history.
All of Israel was watching.
The tabernacle had been erected and the sacrificial animals prepared.
There was sense of incredible awe. Now it was a time to begin.
• Aaron and his sons were brought forward and washed with water; just as the Lord commanded.
• Aaron was clothed with his glorious priestly garments; just as the Lord commanded.
• Moses anointed the tabernacle and Aaron with holy oil; just as the Lord commanded.
• He clothed Aaron and his four sons in their tunics, sashes and headbands; just as the Lord commanded.
• The sacrifices were offered, one by one; just as the Lord commanded.
• Their blood was mixed with oil and sprinkled on Aaron and his sons; just as the Lord commanded.
• Then Moses said to Aaron, Nadab Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar
33 Do not leave the entrance to the Tent of Meeting for seven days, until the days of your ordination are completed, for your ordination will last seven days.
35 ...

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