by David Cawston

God's Genius in Creating Fathers
David Cawston
Genesis 3:9-20

We become Fathers quite un-prepared and suddenly it seems

Three men sat expectantly in the hospital waiting room. A nurse from the maternity wing entered the room. She said to the first man, "Congratulations! You're the father of twins." "That's a wonderful coincidence," he exclaimed. "I'm a member of the Minnesota Twins' baseball team."

Then the nurse addressed the second man: "Congratulations! You're the father of triplets." "Wow!" said the new father, "another wonderful coincidence. I work for the 3M Company'." The third man jumped to his feet. "I'm leaving," he said. "I work for 7-Up.'"
Story Everybody Got a father!
From the book "Papa My Father," the author recalls an afternoon many years ago when he was supervising an educational program for disabled children.

I was observing in a classroom for mildly retarded fourth graders. I sat beside six children and their teacher in their reading group. They were reading a story about a little duck that had no father. As with all good children's books, this one was filled with repetitive phrases. The refrain was always. "But the little duck had no father."

The teacher, having learned the best technique from her prestigious school of education, read carefully, distinctly, and with feeling.

"Martha," she asked a lovely little girl in the group, "tell us. Did the little duck have a father?"

The child answered without a moment's hesitation, "Yes."

The teacher paused for a moment, slightly taken aback by the little girl's response. "Martha, let me read to you again from the story, and listen very carefully this time."

She then repeated several parts of the story, each time accentuating the familiar refrain. "The little duck had no father."

This time, certain of success, she again asked Martha, "Did the little duck have a father?" ...

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