by David Cawston

The All Sufficient One - El Shaddai
David Cawston
Genesis 17:1-8

When Abraham knew God as his El Shaddai, he fell on his face. Time and time again I have found Him to be my all sufficient God, my protector. My unconditional lover of my soul.

* He held me through the years of my growing up in strange countries.
* He held me when my father went through medical emergencies.
* He held me through times of great financial needs, both personally and in our ministry.
* He held me when the pains of leadership have seemed almost overwhelming.
* He has held me when I have failed.
* He has held me when I cried for my children and poured out my doubts about being a good parent.
* He has held me when I have had no strength and I wondered how I would even make it.
* He has held me when I have been overwhelmed by the things that I had to do.
* When I have run to Him, I have never come away wanting.
He is my El Shaddai, my all sufficient.

If anyone needed to know God as El Shaddai it was Abraham.
He was 99 years old and Sarah was 89 and they were still childless. God had promised them a child of their own,
Romans 4:19.

And without becoming weak in faith he contemplated his own body. Now as good as dead since he was about 100 years old, and the deadness of Sarah's womb.

How could Abraham give glory to God in such seemingly hopeless situation.
It was because he knew Him to be the all sufficient One.

The word El is a derivative from which we get Elohim. It is one of the oldest and widely distributed terms for deity known to the human race. Remember, El, stands for might or power.

Shaddai is one of the divine titles meaning, the pourer or shedder forth.

The Hebrew word Shad is the word breast.

Let me illustrate it this way. Mothers understand this. A baby is crying, it's restless. Nothing can quiet that child, yet the breast of the mother can. A baby is tiny and starving. It's life is go ...

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