by Randal Ross

Avoiding Inner Melt Down
Randall Ross
I Kings 18:46-19:9

Intro: when God's people get depressed

A. This passage contains one of the great battles and victories of the Christian life.

1. It deals with one of the “forbidden subjects” that we wonder about but are often to afraid to ask.

2. Why do many of Gods children battle with discouragement, and depression.

b. The question is simple: why do people melt down in the heat of life!

C. Have you heard of a nuclear melt down?
1. It is one of the most dangerous and deadly possibilities for a nuclear reactor

2. A nuclear reactor can produce enormous energy with a min of cost. But there are great dangers. If the nuclear reaction taking place deep within the core occurs to quickly or gets to hot for the coolant it begins a melt down. It overwhelms the control mech. And it destroys those it was designed to empower.

D. The same kind of melt down can happen to people! Seen it many times

1. They overheat inside and they break apart and melt down. The inner explosion destroys them and often others around them

2 their life overheads and deadly radiation leaks out. It destroys them and hurts a lot of people

ill. A husband breaks under the pressures of life and explodes and leaves

1. A business person just burns up and leaves a promising career

2. A woman can’t take it any more and they run away or fall apart

3. A student looks great on the outside but it is getting out of control within and the pressure mounts until the melt down occurs and their life is ruined or even worse they hurt others and everyone asks what happened!

Ill. One social expert says that our society is on the verge of a corporate melt down. The pressure is mounting and demands to great and it could happen at any time. Especially to those who are experiencing success

Ill. Many of us watched in grief as modern day heroes melted down before us

1. A great football hero rode in a car ...

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