by Dennis Marquardt

Sonrise in the Mourning Brings an End to a Grave Problem
Dennis Marquardt
Luke 24:1-53

INTRO: We like to avoid the subject of death. Young people live as though it doesn't exist, middle age people think it only happens to other people, and elderly people try avoid the obvious nature of death by using terms like, "so and so passed on" or "so and so is no longer with us", etc. The fact is that every human being will die! There is nothing in this world that offers hope against this, only the Easter message has a real solution to the 'grave' problem man must face!

We have holidays to celebrate work (Labor day), to honor the dead (Memorial day), to honor independence (July 4), to celebrate love (Valentine's day), to honor people (Mother's day, Father's day, President's day, Martin Luther King day, etc.), to celebrate material blessings (Thanksgiving), to celebrate a new start (New Year's day), but in all the world there is only one holiday that can celebrate victory over death and this is Easter - a Christian holiday!

Without Easter there is no hope for mankind to exist outside of short life spans like most animals. Christ's resurrection is the single most important event in human history! Since Christ alone has conquered death, faith in Christ can mean the difference between eternal life with God and eternal life without him.

Someone may say, "But how do you know God is real and that Christ rose from the dead if you can't see it firsthand?" The evidences alone are strong enough to demand our faith!

ILLUS: A student wrote on a physics exam that he did not believe in atom, so he did not write a paper on it like instructed. The professor called him up and asked him why he didn't believe in atoms. The student's response was, "I have never seen one, and no one else has either." The professor felt duty bound to fail the young man because though it was true that an actual atom has never been seen the evidence for their existence was very well known. The ...

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