by Dennis Marquardt

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The Love of Life (6 of 10)
Ten Commandments Series
Dennis Marquardt
Exodus 20:13; Matthew 5:21-24, 43-48; I John 3:15

INTRO: Everyday we hear more and more about murder, killing! Our culture is full of killing; every year in this country we kill over 1,000,000 unborn babies mostly for the sake of convenience. We are moving to the day when our elderly will be encouraged to die when they become an inconvenience. Our movies glorify killing, video games also promote "shooting people," we have more guns in our society than any other country on earth. The horrible events of the past few days are a testimony to the lack of respect for life that our secular society has encouraged.

Life is no longer a sacred thing, it is a dispensable thing. It is not surprising that the further our society moves away from God's commandments the less sacred society considers those things God cherishes. The sixth commandment was given to Israel to teach them to love life, to consider it so valuable that the taking of life would result in the loss of your own life.

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that life is a sacred gift from God, that any society or individual that despises the value of life will lose their way and become corrupt. We are to love life and seek to preserve and sanctify it.

I. THE ANATOMY OF MURDER Matt. 5:21-24 1 John 3:15

A. Unchecked Wrath! 5:21-22 1 Jn. 3:15
1. While the Old Testament commandment #6 simply said, "Do not murder," Jesus elaborates on the dynamics that lead to murder.
a. In Christ we must not only deal with the outward act, we must also deal with the inside drives that move us toward action.
b. Christ makes it clear that murder begins in the heart long before it explodes on the scene in action.
2. What Jesus says here is that the process that leads to killing is progressive:
a. the first stage is the "RACCA" stage – This is an emotional anger in the moment than explodes by calling someone "You idiot" (the loose ...

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