by Dennis Marquardt

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Without Me, You Can Do Nothing (3 of 7)
Dennis Marquardt
John 15:1-17; I Peter 3:7

INTRO: Without Christ, you can do nothing ... just what does this mean exactly? Isn't it true that there are non-Christians that have done great things, and if so, then what does this verse really mean?

What is meant in this verse is that "without Jesus we can do nothing of eternal significance." We are powerless without Christ to build eternal things, we are spiritually poor and without power outside of Christ! But with Christ we are rich in every way, we now have the power to affect eternal things and leave a legacy that will impact eternity and last into eternity.

ILLUS: A very poor woman worked for a very wealthy man. She acted as a maid as well as took care of their only son whom she grew to love as her own. One day the wealthy man's wife passed away unexpectedly. When the boy reached his teens he became ill one day and died. The father was heartbroken, as was the maid who worked for him. He was so grieved that he passed away a short time after his son did. There were no known living relatives and no will was ever found so the state decided to auction off all the belongings. The maid who had nothing but her memories of devotion to this fattier and son all those years scraped together all the money she had and went and bought a picture of the boy that had been displayed in the family room of the mansion. She had loved and nurtured this son for 15 years and to her it was worth the price to have his picture. Once home, she decided to clean the frame and picture, and she noticed a lump behind the cardboard backing ... it was the lost will! In the will it stated, "All my wealth should go to the one who loved my son enough to claim this portrait of him!" Her devotion and love for this father's son brought her untold wealth and power ... she could now do all things! And so it is with us in giving ourselves to Christ! -- Source Unknown ...

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