by Dennis Marquardt

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Without Discipline, You Are Not Sons (7 of 7)
Dennis Marquardt
Hebrews 12:1-13

INTRO: A woman one day was sitting on a park bench when she noticed two boys engaged in a terrible fight. They were both equally bad, shouting and hitting each other. Suddenly from somewhere nearby a man appeared and he grabbed one of the boys and began to spank him while he ignored the other boy. The observing bystander got up and approached the man indignantly and asked, "Why are you punishing the one boy while ignoring the other one?" The man replied, "This one is my son, the other is not!" The other boy was not his concern, and it was not his hatred that prompted his discipline upon his son, it was his love! If he had truly hated his son he would have done nothing, he would have ignored him! Love challenges wrong, and when we do wrong. God will indeed challenge us or more properly discipline us!

When we are disciplined by a loving heavenly father it is to restore us and to teach us how to walk, it is ALWAYS REDEMPTIVE, never destructive!

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that God disciplines those He loves, and that His discipline is always redemptive in nature, discipline from God is a sign of His love for us no matter how painful it is at the moment!


A. Excesses 12:1
1. This section begins with an analogy equating the Christian life to that of a race, probably like those in the Greek Olympics.
a. The writer mentions the "great cloud of witnesses" that surrounds us!
b. These are the saints who have left a good testimony for us to follow, their examples serve us well!
c. The fact that they lived well as examples should spur us on to follow their example.
2. The reference to athletes who run in a race requires the reader to understand the call to self discipline!
a. No man who has become an athlete has ignored self discipline, at least no successful ones!
b. The very nature of being a runner requires str ...

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