by Dennis Marquardt

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Without Works, Faith Is Dead (2 of 7)
Dennis Marquardt
James 2:14-26; Titus 3:8

INTRO: In the first message in this series we looked at "without faith it is impossible to please God." Now we are going to look at the very nature of faith, in other words, "without works, faith is dead." Faith and good works go together like "peas and carrots," or like "mustard and ketchup," or like "ice cream and potato chips!" (My favorite combo!)

Remember the Scottish row boat owner that took people across the lake. One oar in his boat was labeled, "FAITH" and the other was labeled "WORKS." He would ask his riders this question, "Which is more important, faith or works?" Then he would proceed to demonstrate how they are both equally important by taking only the oar marked "FAITH" and rowing hard, causing the boat to simply go in circles thus going nowhere fast! Then he would take the other oar marked "WORKS" and do the same, this time going in circles in the other direction, again going nowhere fast! Finally he would proceed to use both oars marked "FAITH" and "WORKS" and show how quickly the boat moved through the water to the destination on the other shore, saying to his riders, "this is how faith and works must work together, it is not one without the other, but both!"

PROP. SENT: Without works, faith is never seen! Faith must find expression through our actions as well as our attitudes! Faith is dynamic and powerful, it therefore must express itself in very real ways!

I. FAITH - IN DEED! 2:14-17

A. Christian Faith 2:14
1. James picks his words very carefully here, he describes "Saving Faith" as having deeds or works to it!
a. Thus, if a man claims to have faith but no deeds it cannot be the saving faith taught in the Bible! ... It must be some other kind of "faith!"
b. Anyone who claims to have FAITH can be judged by the presence or lack of presence of works or deeds consistent with "Faith in God!"
2. James' point is v ...

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