by Ernest Easley

The Church in the 21st Century
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Matthew 16:13-18
January 2, 2000

Now with Y2K behind us ... and a new century before us ... take your Bible and join me this morning in Matthew chapter 16. I want to speak to you this morning on this subject: The Church in the 21st Century.
If the Lord Jesus Christ delays His second coming ... what will the church look like in the 21st century? What must First Baptist Church do to continue being a mighty lighthouse across the Permian Basin? What kind of church does God want us to be in this new century to be effective in reaching our world for Christ?
Well ... from the Word of God .. I want to give you a portrait of The Church in the 21st Century! I want to show you the kind of church that God will mightily use throughout this new century ... to turn this world upside down for Christ. Which really means to turn it right side up because this world is upside down by nature!
All right .. now look with me to Matthew 16. The time is about six months before the crucifixion. Jesus had gathered His disciples together to give them one final examination. And it's from this final examination that I want us to consider this morning:
"The Church in the 21st Century"
Matthew 16.13-18
Now we're being told today by the economist that so goes the price of oil .. so goes the Permian Basin. But we're told throughout the Word of God that so goes the church .. so goes the Permian Basin.
The most important institution in this city is the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ! And God wants His Church in the 21st century making a difference! A difference for morality! A difference for decency!
Now the world is telling us that church is on her way down! But the Word tells us that the church is on her way up .. up .. and away! And yet .. many people enjoy criticizing the church .. finding fault with the church. But may I tell you this morning that you cannot be up on Jesus and down on the church. It' ...

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