by Ernest Easley

Becoming an Effective Witness
Ernest L. Easley
Matthew 11:1-11

What an exciting week we've had around here! I'm talking about the WIN SCHOOL! Several who had nagging doubts about their salvation settled the issue last Sunday night! And then on Monday and Tuesday we learned how to have a daily cleansed life and how to be spirit-filled!

Wednesday night came and over 30 teams of 3 went out with the intention of sharing the Lord Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God. And at least three people prayed that night in their homes to receive Jesus as savior and Lord.

And then tomorrow night and for the next six weeks, we're going to have some continued training in sharing our faith and then go out as teams again. My, what an exciting time in the life of our church! Prospects for Jesus are everywhere. And when I stop to realize that the Holy Spirit has already been at work in the lives of people across our city convicting them of sin and convincing them of the truth of scripture, I realize we have the privilege of being apart of the process of bringing them to Jesus.

How we need to see people like Jesus does: empty, lonely, looking, and lost. Well that's John the Baptist saw people! And the people he saw, he spoke a witness to them about Jesus.

If there was ever an effective witness for Jesus, it was John the Baptist! And that's what I want to talk to you about tonight: Becoming An Effective Witness.

So join me for a few minutes tonight in Matthew chapter 11. Now last time together, we learned that John the Baptist was the last of the Old Testament Prophets yet, he was the beginning of the New Testament Prophets. The last of the old and the first of the new!

Can't you see John out by the Jordan confronting people with the good news of Jesus? Do you know what I've found? I've found that wherever people are being confronted with the gospel, people are being saved!

I've never met anybody who consistently was shar ...

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